24 hour massage parlor controversy
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24 hour massage parlor controversy

Just last week, Craigslist said it would get rid of the Erotic Services section of its popular website after complaints from police and the public.

Some believe similar things may be offered at a handful of businesses in Henderson. Those who've complained about say the city needs to put theses places out of business.

In a 24 hour town like Las Vegas, there are many things you can get at any hour: a great meal or a cup of coffee. But on the Strip, the major hotels don't even offer 24 hour spa service. So why would you open a business like that in one of the Valley's sleepy suburbs?

The city of Henderson markets itself as A Place To Call Home; a place filled with families and parks. And 24 hour massage parlors?

Within the city of Henderson there are a handful of businesses that offer not only massage, but reflexology at all hours of the night. Apparently, there is a growing demand for these kinds of services.

One spa is located in a strip mall, next to a Dairy Queen. We found another, Horizon Spa, hidden in the back of a business complex. Another we located is called Alla Spa. All have shaded windows and exactly what all they offer isn't clear.

"Just a card? You don't have a menu of prices?"

With hidden cameras in hand, we staked out some of the locations and found several male patrons at 11 pm, midnight, and 1 in the morning. They were, apparently, there for massage or related service, but few of them got the standard, one-hour massage.

Our crew says these clients appeared to be in and out in about a half hour.

David Ang owns the Dairy Queen next to the Beauty Day Spa. "A lot of people know what's going on. They've indicated as much. No one seems to be doing anything about it."

David says he's seen and heard a lot about his next door neighbor. "We've had some of their customers come into the store and mention services they've received next door. They said if you're looking for a good time you should go next door and visit your neighbor."

"I can't understand, myself, what business someone has going to get a spa treatment at 1 or 2 in the morning," David continues. "More than a massage. That's what I think."

The city ordered the Beauty Day Space closed for 48 hours earlier this year after it violated city codes. In January, police were called out at 2 in the morning. They were responding to a call of "partially dressed people appearing through the window."

A letter lists the violations, which include:

* An employee not properly dressed
* An unlicensed person giving a massage
* A partially dressed man seen getting dressed in his car

We wanted to ask the owner about that incident and the kinds of services they provide primarily to men, late at night.

Mitch: Who can I talk to about the business here? How can I get in touch with this person?

The questioning wasn't too successful.

We found at least five of these late night Henderson spas advertising in a local newspaper. Most of them feature a woman giving a massage. Many promise a table shower. One even talks about the "new girls" providing the service.

It's the girls who brought David Madrigal to the Horizon Spa earlier this year. He faces charges of coercion, lewdness, and oppression under color of office. The former correctional officer for the state of California visited the Horizon Spa and many others. He told a therapist he was a police officer, showed a badge, and demanded sexual service. He even handcuffed one of the therapists.

Mitch: At what point does the city say we know what's going on here and we're going to do something about it?

Bud Cranor (City Of Henderson): Those things are concerning to us. We're taking a serious look at it. We've been in the process of trying to do that with business licensing process and development codes.

One change may be to prohibit the shading of windows, which many of these places seem to have. Right now there are few restrictions on the hours these businesses can keep. That too could change.

We asked when the proposed rule changes for these businesses might be unveiled and were told there is no date yet.

As for Madrigal, his hearing on the charges comes up later this month.

There are about 30 businesses in Henderson that offer some form of massage or massage and cosmetology services.

other places affected: Yes
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