Orange County LE Scores Major Massage Parlor Bust
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Orange County LE Scores Major Massage Parlor Bust

12 arrested in prostitution raid in Garden Grove

Westminster police say this is largest, most public brothel operation they’ve seen recently in area.

Police on Friday arrested a 23-year-old Westminster man in connection with running a brothel, which officials say is the largest they have seen in the area.

Officers from the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force searched the man’s home in Westminster and his place of business in Garden Grove, said Westminster police Lt. Derek Marsh. Eleven women, all of them Vietnamese, suspected of prostitution were arrested at the location, he said. The names of the women are not being released because they are being treated as victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, Marsh said.

Police detectives were tipped off to the Garden Grove location by an advertisement for massage services in a Vietnamese newspaper, Marsh said.

“The location was actually a chiropractor’s office that offered massage services on the side,” he said.

Police are still looking into whether the chiropractor who owned the business was also part of the suspected brothel operation, Marsh said.

This is the most “egregious” operation he has seen in the Little Saigon area, he said.

“Usually these types of brothels are located in a strip mall,” he said. “But this one was in an area pretty open to the public. There is a supermarket there, a dentist’s office right next door. In fact, when we went there, the door to the dentist’s office was open and there was a young child sitting on a chair waiting to be seen.”

It is also unusual for police to find as many as 11 women, he said.

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