Ct closing down Asian massage parlors
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Ct closing down Asian massage parlors

Guys! The unbelievable is happening... Our reliable spas are closing all over the state! Stamford was the latest city to follow through with closures. Local police as well as the narcotics and organized crime divisions participated in the raids. They were joined by Public health officials. These closures follow the 10 spas in Fairfield and Bridgport that were closedin late December/early January.

This latest action stems from the new licensing requirements for spas that our trusted government signed into law this past year.

"Government of the people, by the people, for the people". Well, not really, a bunch of fat,ugly and mean looking ladies were fed up with their husbands getting better ass that they decided to join together and start verbally persuading our politicians. They won!

Guys, be very careful in Ct. I do know there are other spas that are still open but beware!

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