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Etiquette on room usage Total Posts:10
Posted: April 7th 2013 08:26:12 AM
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I recently saw my ATF Asian provider, whom I've known a long time. She works at an AAMP, her normal job is just answering the phone because of her good English. I called her for an appointment and she said that she has not been working but could see me the next day. At the appointment she was telling me that she hasn't been working because there were 2 girls there now and there are only 2 rooms. I realized my appointment was at a time that is a popular time for guys to stop and that one of the girls could not arrange an appointment because we were using the room. My question is, should I have offered the girl that gave up the room for us a small tip, maybe $10 or $20 for the inconvenience?
Posted: April 7th 2013 04:03:16 PM
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No. They should be taking turns because that's how it works.
Posted: April 7th 2013 04:37:30 PM
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Registered: Mar 2009
Yes, sharing. As long as Larry is not in the rotation.
Posted: April 8th 2013 05:33:23 PM
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To avoid the rush, try to arrange an appointment when the establishment opens(or within an hour)as I'm sure you can fit it in your schedule. Not only will she be fresh but her day has just started and she should have more energy. As for tipping the other provider for the usage of the room .
Posted: April 8th 2013 07:00:32 PM
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Thanks for the responses, but I don't think I was very good at describing the situation. My ATF is no longer an active provider there. She just answers the phone and sort of manages the place. They bring other girls in from New York or Florida for about 2 or 3 months at a time on a rotational basis as providers. These girls are the providers and she sets the appointments up for them, so she is not in the rotation to get clients. I was an old client of her's when she used to work at another place, now that she doesn't work in that capacity any more she still sees me as a favor, but it has to be when she can fit me in, so I have to call days ahead otherwise she isn't even at the place, she can do most her work from her home. That is why I asked the question about tipping the idle girl, because that girl is the one that should be getting the work. I hope I am making sense here.
Posted: April 8th 2013 08:19:37 PM
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I still don't think it matters like Violet said. If the room is available, and the others are idle and you ask for her then it is a guilt free massage. I think this is more about your conscience than etiquette. If it will ease your mind, then tip her.
Posted: April 8th 2013 11:11:11 PM
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I think he is saying that the room would NOT be empty, that his appointments (at least some of the time) do prevent another lady from earning.
Big Chief
Posted: April 9th 2013 12:47:00 AM
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Why not just do her @ home?
Posted: April 9th 2013 06:13:57 AM
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KazooKid wrote I think he is saying that the room would NOT be empty, that his appointments (at least some of the time) do prevent another lady from earning.

Yeah, we get it.
Posted: April 9th 2013 03:24:06 PM
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Yeah Kazoo, you got it. I think Stroker hit the nail on the head. I guess it's more about my conscience than etiquette. As far as meeting her at home, she lives with her daughter and mother, so that's out. Plus even though she is friendly with me, I don't think she wants me to know where she lives, she may treat me a little special but I'm still just a client. Thanks everyone for your thoughts.
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