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Nuru massage in Chicagoland? Total Posts:9
Posted: February 18th 2011 10:28:11 AM
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Registered: Dec 2010
Gender: Male
Anyone know of any Nuru massage providers in the Chicagoland area? Thanks in advance!
Posted: March 4th 2011 12:45:58 AM
Forum Post: 28
Registered: Apr 2009
I'm not sure what that is?
Posted: March 4th 2011 01:39:53 PM
Forum Post: 64
Registered: Apr 2010
Nuru is a very sensual massage using a very thick clear soapy and slippery liquid. Go to and you will get an idea. I would like to know if there are any in the area myself.
Posted: April 7th 2011 01:48:06 PM
Forum Post: 3
Registered: Apr 2011
There is a black girl on back page who post a nuru massage downtown i think, but i think she just does a soap massage in the shower.

Other then that ive never seen it being it offered.
Posted: April 7th 2011 03:52:27 PM
Forum Post: 11
Registered: Jan 2011
I seen the posting for her and I would not trust that. She possibly uses soap , and the jelly NURU used is from a seaweed base which is from the very deep ocean. It is expensive to purchase if you can find it . But the lady slides her body all over yours and the fun begins. Watch the video, its Hottttt!!!!
Posted: April 8th 2011 04:07:46 PM
Forum Post: 64
Registered: Apr 2010
Thanks, if any providers are monitoring this site there is an opportunity
for you to go "Nuru", and have some eager clients.
Posted: April 21st 2011 10:23:47 AM
Forum Post: 5
Registered: Apr 2011
There is a provider, Angee, who works out of an apartment near Broadway and Argyle. She provides a 90 min NURU for $500, 2 SOG. If you are a member, I left a review on her. She told me she is leaving for DC soon, so who knows. Her ad is on eros-chicago under Asians. I know $500 is steep, but it is something you may want to try at least once....
Posted: July 20th 2012 10:59:56 AM
Forum Post: 623
Registered: Aug 2010
i offer nuru massage $300 1 hr.
I do not live in il.
I travel to chicago every 3 months or so.
feel free to pm me
if interested in an appointment.
I am latina and asian.
Posted: July 20th 2012 11:00:48 AM
Forum Post: 623
Registered: Aug 2010
bty imo 500 is crazy the most ive ever charged for 1 hr nuru is 350 because of traveling fee and the price of the gel itself
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