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Posted: November 16th 2009 05:33:31 AM
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Just curious to know if anyone has ever receive any extras while getting a massage at Massage Envy? I have been to one before recently and the massage was ok considering I had deep tissue which always hurts. I didn't really see any signs from the therapist about extras but she did request I take my boxers off so she could rub my butt, haha. Now that I think about it she did make a few comments about me being a good looking guy and then she asked me how the massage was, I said good and she said it was good for me also. I don't maybe I'm just thinking to much into this but I have ran across a few articles from other states talking about Massage Envy giving handjobs. I'm not looking for FS but a handjob would be nice after a relaxing massage. Most of the spas that do that are pretty sketchy looking and in weird parts of town but this Massage Envy was pretty nice and did not strike me as a place that would do anything extra. If anyone knows any different let me know.
Posted: February 6th 2010 04:08:45 PM
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Registered: Aug 2009
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massage envy where?
Posted: February 7th 2010 12:29:15 PM
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Registered: Nov 2008
No extras at Massage Envy.
Posted: February 24th 2010 11:48:29 AM
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Registered: Feb 2010
great massage totaly lagit
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